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What to see in Camprodon

For those who are wondering: "What to see in Camprodon?", is a town of medieval origin in the center of the Ter River Valley, within the Ripollès region, in the Girona Pyrenees. Its history, culture, celebrations and its natural surroundings make it an excellent place to visit and have fun.

What can we do during our visit to Camprodon?

The Valley of Camprodon, the Romanesque of the region

The Ripollès region has more than 98 monuments scattered everywhere. It's one of the largest concentrations of Romanesque art in all of Europe! We can admire some of the most visited, such as the Castle of Count Arnau, the Church of Santa Maria, the architectural complex of the town of Beget or the Monasteries of Santa Maria, Sant Pere or Sant Joan de les Abadesses.

Some of the most outstanding towns in the area to see and soak up the local history and culture are:

Beget, popularly considered one of the most beautiful villages in all of Catalonia. It has the Romanesque Church of Sant Cristòfol, from the 12th century, with two medieval bridges and the Gorges de Beget, a hidden paradise in the middle of nature, with transparent waters, stone floors and a small pebble beach.

Mollo, famous for its Romanesque Church of Santa Cecilia and its important livestock fair Tria de Mulats d'Espinavell.

setcases, a small picturesque and tourist town that we find before reaching the Vallter 2000 ski resort.

These are just some of the beautiful towns and places that the Ripollès region offers us. The ideal setting to experience local history and mountain life, thanks to the nature of its surroundings, in which we can practice all kinds of activities.

Iglesia en Camprodon
Rio Riutort

Outdoor sports activities in Camprodon

The Camprodon Valley is the perfect natural environment to discover the charms of the mountain and its surroundings. You can visit the adventure park Estiu the Adventure, which has the zip line largest in all of Catalonia, or the Mollo Park, a park to enjoy animals in their natural environment.

For sports lovers, there is a wide variety of outdoor activities to experience all that the Camprodon Valley has to offer. You can explore the many routes and trails on foot, by mountain bike, on horseback, by 4×4, by motorcycle, etc.

In winter, the ski resort Vallter 2000 is a fantastic place for alpine or mountain skiing. And you can not miss a visit to the Camprodon golf club, with a 3 km course and 9 holes, located in the middle of the forest.

What to see in Camprodon: Popular festivals and Gastronomy of the area

Traditional mountain cuisine and carefully prepared local products make the Camprodon Valley enjoy a wide and varied gastronomic wealth. Some of the most outstanding for its people and for the visitors are the artisan sausages, the varied mushrooms, the goat, sheep, or cow cheeses, the honey and jams of the area, the beef, lamb and mountain foal, and Birba biscuits, known throughout Catalonia.

We can try all these delicacies in stores, markets or during local festivals. And it is that the region of Ripollès has several festivities and commemorative fairs of history, work, religion and local folklore. All these celebrations are intensely lived and deeply felt by its inhabitants. Some of the most notable are the cattle fair Espinavell, the procession of the Holy Mysteries, the Festival of Sant Joan de les Abadesses and the contest of skill with a grass dog.

Live an unforgettable experience in Camprodon

Discover one of the most charming towns in the Catalan Pyrenees with Cims.

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