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What to see in Camprodon in one day?

There is no better way to disconnect from the routine and stress of everyday life than to take a short break and, if you also like to visit old historical and religious buildings, without a doubt Camprodon is your ideal place.

But in order to discover all that this place has to offer, you'll need a hotel that caters to your needs. The Hotel Cim's is perfect for that job. You will be able to spend the whole day visiting places and experiencing adventures without worries, since when it is time to rest, a comfortable and familiar hotel awaits you, with a rustic and warm style that will make you feel at home.

In today's blog, we present the most special places in Camprodon that you can see in a single day.

The most important places in Camprodon to visit in one day:

The New Bridge:

Also known as "Pont nou", it is the architectural element most emblematic of all Camprodon. Built in the 12th century, the bridge has a beautiful double-slope arch, which was formerly used to cross the River Ter and enter the territory of Cerdanya.

The Church of Santa Maria:

Located in a square with the same name, the Church of Santa María is a large Gothic-looking building made up of a single nave. For many centuries it was the main temple of the population, but nowadays it has had to go through several reforms due to an old earthquake and a fire that it suffered during the civil war.

Inside it keeps several pieces and elements from the time, such as the piety of the sculptor Amadeu or a reliquary with the remains of Saint Sant Patllari, the patron saint of Camprodon.

The museum of Isaac Albeniz:

The birthplace of the famous musician and composer Isaac Albeniz Pascual. He was born in 1860 and was considered a child prodigy when he was only 4 years old, when he made his debut playing the piano in a concert at the Romea theater in Barcelona. 

In the museum we can discover several original scores, personal belongings, photographs, extensive documentation of his musical work and his sister Clementina's piano, where Isaac began to play his first notes at a very early age.

The Saint Peter's Monastery:

The origin of the people of Camprodon. It is located a few meters from the Church of Santa María and is considered the most important Romanesque monument in Ripollés. Its construction dates back to the 10th century, when it was inhabited by the abbot and several monks who were in charge of the demographic and economic expansion of the Camprodon area. 

Currently, it is a beautiful religious temple made up of a bell tower and a spacious interior, where we can find the tombs of some of the former abbots. This construction is the only one that remains from the old monastery.

The old biscuit factory Birba:

To end the tourist tour of Camprodon with a good taste in our mouths, we have the old factory of Birba cookies. It is a popular Catalan brand of cookies made with natural products. In 1910, Llorenç Birba began to sell them and, thanks to their success, he expanded his confectionery empire with multiple lands and factories.

Without a doubt, Camprodon is a wonderful place to spend your holidays. If you are thinking of jumping into this adventure, choose the room you prefer and make your reservation at the Hotel Cims. The getaway that everyone deserves is just a click away. Experience the pleasure of discovering!

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